These are some questions that have come up in the past. If you have other questions for the Posse, we’re only a tweet away!

How do I join your writers group?

  • This is one we’ve been getting for years. Our writers group is a closed group. Even in the beginning, we had tryouts for potential members, and we only had tryouts when we had an opening. So someone had to leave for a new person to get in. Originally, the tryouts were to make sure the person who wanted the spot was someone who could finish a project. Their work might stink, but if they seemed willing to put the time and effort in, and could finish what they started, then that said a lot about their determination. But now that we’ve been together 25+ years, it’s unlikely we’re going to change the dynamic at this point and admit new members. Still, anything’s possible.

So if I can’t get into your group, what can I do?

  • Look for groups in your area. Many meet at libraries or book stores. Some meet online. Each group has its own style and personality, so you might not find one that suits your needs the first time out. If not, keep looking!

Are you accepting manuscripts from non-Posse authors?

  • Currently, no, we are not. We are discussing the idea of accepting the works of non-Posse members for publication in the future, so who knows? Remember, we just started this ourselves, so we’re still on a pretty steep learning curve. Once we get to be old pros at the publishing side of things, who knows? Keep checking!

What kind of sales do you think you’ll have?

  • We have no idea what to expect. We’ll have to let you know after we’ve been at this awhile.


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