Kick in the Pants

It’s official – Marella’s play “Kick in the Pants” will be produced by First Run Theatre for their Spectrum 2021 series. Spectrum consists of several 10-15 minute plays from Midwestern playwrights.

Performance dates will be September 24-26 and October 1-3 and will be held at Bethel Lutheran Church.

More later!



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Escaping Normal

Marella Sands’ new series, Escaping Normal, is a non-fiction series that will focus on the paranormal. If you have a personal experience you’d like to share, you can send it to the author via Google Forms.

The first two books of the series focus on UFOs (now apparently rebranded as UAPs – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), and their occupants. Right now, the books don’t feature many personal stories in them but if enough are submitted, Marella will revisit the topic.

Coming up, though: books on ghosts, shadow people, Bigfoot/Sasquatch, flying monsters (Mothman, thunderbirds, etc.), triangles and vortices (Bennington Triangle, Oregon Vortex, etc.), demons, angels, and more! If you have stories that pertain to any of these topics, or others, please share.

The form will ask for your legal name, but also gives you the option to ask to be anonymous or request a pseudonym. Not everyone wants to be identified in their story, and the reasons you may or may not want to use your real name are your own.


Cover for the first book is in draft form, but here’s its current incarnation:

descending skies proto cove1r

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Delving Into the Non-Fiction Side

After two and a half years of attempting to learn Asante Twi, an Akan language of Ghana, I decided to share the dictionary I’ve been compiling. I began compiling my vocabulary list shortly after starting to study the language, because I was frustrated with the limitations of the dictionaries I had. Twi is a difficult language when it comes to dictionary usage, because words often change, or drop, their initial letter. For instance:

ɔkraman = dog (if it’s the first word in a sentence)

kraman = dog (if it’s not the first word in a sentence)

nkraman = dogs


I think you can see the problem. I solved this by forming my own word list and giving each form of the word its own entry. Now you can have this list, too! Click on the cover to go to the Amazon page.

twi english dictionary cover


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Latest Angel Share Book Now Available!

when we had feathers thumbWhen We Had Feathers, the latest adventure of Teryl Gray, bartender and descendant of angels, marks the sixth outing for this series.

Fresh back from her errand for Ware in London, Teryl is ready to sit back and relax and not think about whatever conflict her boss and his kind are planning, or fearing. All she wants to do is hang out with her boyfriend and her pet hedgehog.

But the Forlorn have other plans. A talisman collected by Teryl months before has gone missing, and that means deadly trouble is about to be visited upon St. Louis. Teryl will be forced to confront a new friend and face losing an old one.

A war that spanned galaxies is about to be re-ignited. Who can Teryl turn to for help, and how can she prepare herself when her own fate seems to be utterly out of her hands?

Available on Amazon now!



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Looking for Help!

Marella is researching a book series on the paranormal. If you have a personal story, or a family story, on any of the following topics, Contact Her.  The more recent the story, the better! Contributors can choose to remain anonymous.

  • UFOs
  • Nevada Triangle
  • Bigfoot
  • Ghosts
  • Shadow People
  • Ouija Boards
  • Demons
  • Angels
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Spectrum Season 2021

First Run Theatre’s Spectrum series, which is normally held in March or April, has been rescheduled for 2021. More details and exact dates as they become available.

Marella Sands’ play “Kick in the Pants” will be one of the plays performed this year. This is her first time having a theatrical production produced from her work.

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