Launching November 5!

On August 15, 2014, at the Alternate Historians monthly meeting, we discussed something that we’d been batting around on email for a few weeks:  forming our own self-publishing venture.  At that meeting, we decided that yes, we’re going to self-publish some of our works.  The industry has come a long way from the old vanity press days, and there seems to be no overriding reason not to get our books out there where others can buy them.

And then we decided to make things easy on ourselves by choosing a launch date a mere 82 days in the future.

Ambitious, yes, but actually, we are on track to produce three novels for 2014.  These will be our first attempts at self-publishing, which includes all kinds of fun tasks like designing covers, deciding on fonts, debating page number placement, worrying about logos, licensing any art or fonts that are not free for commercial use, and so on.

We’re learning a lot but in the end, it’s all about the writing, and we believe we have some great books to offer.  We hope you will be back to purchase our books on or shortly after November 5.  Until then, count the days!


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