Short story news

Just because members of the Posse are publishing through Word Posse doesn’t mean they’re not getting their stuff out there to other venues. Both Marella and Deborah will have short stories in the forthcoming anthology Gifts of Darkover, which is due out in summer 2015.

Marella’s story, “Stonefell Gift,” tells the tale of a young girl living toward the end of the Ages of Chaos, when the horrific ramifications of inbreeding lethal genes into the population became impossible to ignore.

Deborah’s story, “Green is the Color of her Eyes so Blue,” follows a man and his wife to her native Drytowns, where they get caught up in the survival of strangely gifted children.

Look for those stories, along with other stories by Robin Wayne Bailey, Diana L. Paxson, and more, next summer!


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