Gifts of Darkover ToC

Here’s the table of contents for Gifts of Darkover, coming next summer. Congratulations, Deborah and Marella!

Introduction: Darkover, An Evolving World, by Deborah J. Ross (editor)

Learning to Breathe Snow, by Rosemary Edghill and Rebecca Fox
Healing Pain, by Jane M. H. Bigelow
Blood-kin, by Diana L. Paxson
The Tower, by Jeremy Erman
Stonefell Gift, by Marella Sands
Compensation, by Leslie Fish
Green Is The Color Of Her Eyes So Blue, by Deborah Millitello
Renegades of Darkover, by Robin Wayne Bailey
Memory, by Shariann Lewitt
A Problem of Punishment, by Barb Caffrey
Hidden Gifts, by Margaret L. Carter
Climbing to the Moons, by Ty Nolan


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