Finding time to read – consider audio books

We all live in world that makes demands on our time. Whether you have a full-time job or you go to school, whether you watch over and take care of children or elderly or sick family members we all must balance how we spend our time. As writers we all commit time to writing, but what about reading? Writers need to read. With everything else that’s going on how do we find the time to read? For some the solution might be audio books.

Our Word Posse writing group members have different ideas about audio books. Tom and Mark are probably the two greatest proponents within the group. Tom listens to audio books in the car and at the gym – in fact this becomes an incentive to go the gym (have to finish that book!) Mark listens to audio books on long car trips and at other times. Rett occasionally uses audio books, but she has a skill set that the rest of us find stunning. Rett has the ability to listen to two books at the same time! She does not do this often, but when she does one is usually a non-fiction and the other a fiction. Talk about mulit-tasking! Other members of the group try audio books every so often, but generally do most or all of their reading visually.

Audio books are available through public libraries. Also Audible has reasonable enough rates through their membership plans. Or, of course, you can buy books on CDs at book stores or through Amazon. If you are having trouble finding time to read all those books on your-gotta-read list you might consider audio books as a way to multi-task.


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