Archon Schedules

Here’s where you can see Marella and Debbie at Archon (besides their Word Posse table). Oh, and look—Marella gets to moderate four panels!

Fri 4:00p    Elementary: How to Plot Your Novel (M)
Sat 10:00a   Author Readings with Esther Friesner and Marella Sands
Sat 2:00p    How I Write: Author Methods (M)
Sat 3:00p    Yesterday’s Hits: SF Movies/TV of Yore (M)
Sat 5:00p    What Libraries Can Do to Stay Relevent (M)
Sun 1:00p    World Building: Bringing Your Ideas to Life

Fri 5:00p     Writing Damaged Characters
Sat 10:00a   Supernatural Beings as Antagonists
Sat 12:00p   I love it! How I developed my best ideas
Sat 2:00p    Futurama. World’s Science Fiction Cartoon
Sun 11:00a  Current Trends in Young Adult Literature
Sun 12:00p Signing


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