Archon 40

It’s time for Archon again! Come out to the convention center in Collinsville, Illinois, this weekend (Sept 30-Oct 2) and meet a couple of your Word Posse authors.

Marella Sands schedule:

Fri 2 PM/SF Vacation Destinations (M)
Fri 5 PM/British SF (M)
Sat 2 PM GC/All Things Sherlock Holmes (M)
Sat 4 PM GC/Classic Sci-Fi TV (M)
Sat 6 PM GC/Folktales and Fairy Tales (M)
Sun 10 AM/Horse Stories: Pegasus, Unicorn, and the Dreaded Kelpie (M)
Sun 1 PM/Nanotechnology (M)
Sun 2 PM/Author Readings with Marella Sands and Tex Thompson

Deborah Millitello schedule:

Fri. 4p Classic Dr. Who Salon 6
Sat. 10a Autographing Signing table
Sat. 12p Our Favorite Series Marquette A
Sat .2p All Things Sherlock Holmes Salon 4
Sun. 11a Best and Worst YA Novels Marquette A
Sun. 1p Author Reading Salon 6


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